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Negotiation is the least formal and most common form of dispute resolution.  Whether a dispute is headed to trial, or some form of Alternative Dispute Resolution, negotiation will always be involved, and in the case of Mediation, will be central to the proceedings.

In litigation, negotiations between the parties are often mandated by the courts, as a means of encouraging parties to resolve their differences without taxing an already overburdened court calendar. For the parties involved, mandatory negotiations are seen as a way to encourage the parties to resolve their issues without the time and expense of a trial. Even if these initial attempts at negotiation fail to yield the hoped-for results, most cases that are headed for trial eventually reach a settlement agreement before the trial.  The reason for this is simple—litigation is costly, and the outcome is uncertain.

When negotiations are required, or even preferred, Nichani Law Firm will have your company’s back.
Nichani Law Firm’s business litigation team has over a decade of experience in high-stakes business
dispute negotiations. When Nichani Law Firm is representing your company, your Silicon Valley Business
Litigation Team
will know both the facts of your case, as well as its legal strengths and potential problem
areas, and therefore will know exactly where to hold the line, and where to be more flexible, in order to
reach the best possible agreement that meets your business objectives.



Nichani Law Firm is a boutique Silicon Valley business and commercial litigation law firm, providing legal representation with a commitment to exceptional service, high-caliber solutions, and a deep focus on Business and Commercial Litigation, and Bankruptcy and Creditor Rights. In every dispute, whether large or small, simple or complex, we will provide representation custom-tailored to meet your objectives. As your representative, we will zealously advocate your position, whether in an Alternative Dispute Resolution process, or at trial. Nichani Law Firm has successfully represented a variety of businesses throughout Silicon Valley and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. We also serve as local counsel in Silicon Valley and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area for out-of-state attorneys and out-of-area companies, whether based in another region of California, another state, or another country—with business interests in Silicon Valley and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

For a consultation, contact Nichani Law Firm.

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