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Information about Legal Services

Attorney Vinod Nichani is licensed to practice law in the State of California. Chapter 7 of the State Bar of California Rules of Professional Conduct regulates Information about Legal Services. Pursuant to these Rules of Professional Conduct, this website contains communications concerning the availability of Nichani Law Firm for professional legal services as defined at Rule 7.1; these communications may include advertising permitted by Rule 7.2, but are not a solicitation of clients as defined by Rule 7.3

To the extent that this website may be accessed outside the State of California, the communications on this website are not communications, advertising, or solicitation for legal services in any jurisdiction outside the State of California.

No Legal Advice Provided

The content on this website is provided for general information purposes only. As such, the content on this website does not constitute legal advice to any person, on any matter, and should not be relied upon as legal advice or acted upon as legal advice by any person. To obtain legal advice concerning a specific legal matter, consult with an attorney licensed to practice law in the state relevant to your legal inquiry.

No Attorney-Client Relationship Created:

No attorney-client relationship is created by use of this website, or by contacting Nichani Law Firm. No attorney-client relationship shall exist between Nichani Law Firm and any user of this website, or any person who contacts Nichani Law Firm, unless and until a written Engagement Agreement is formally entered into between Nichani Law Firm and said person. In the absence of any such Attorney-Client relationship, as evidenced by a written Engagement Agreement with Nichani Law Firm, no Attorney-Client privilege shall exist between Nichani Law Firm and any person who contacts Nichani Law Firm on any matter.

No Guarantee of Results:

In any communication provided on this website, at no time, and under no circumstances, is any express or implied guarantee or warranty of the result of representation made. Past results are completely dependent upon specific factual and legal circumstances which are unique to a specific case, and are no predictor or guarantor of future results.

This website is owned by:

Nichani Law Firm
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San Jose, CA 95113
Telephone: 408.800.6174 / 408.501.8853

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