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In the United States alone, the GDP for 2022 was measured at $25.46 TRILLION. Globally, the GWP for 2022 was $105.57 trillion U.S. dollars. That’s a LOT of economic activity! The vast majority of business activity, from employment, to company management, to manufacturing, production, and services, to marketing and sales, is conducted more or less as agreed upon.

But occasionally, something goes wrong—sometimes very wrong—and two or more parties may find themselves locked in a dispute. The issues raised in business disputes can range from very simple to extremely complex matters of fact and law, and require careful assessment of the merits and scale of the conflict to find the resolution that best fits your legal and business objectives.

The good news for companies is that most business disputes are resolved by negotiation, without the need for litigation. But some disputes aren’t as easily resolved, and the company soon finds itself facing the prospect of litigation.

When Nichani Law Firm is representing you in a business dispute, we will always develop the best strategy for achieving your objectives. If litigation is the best way forward, we will bring your case to trial with strong trial advocacy on your behalf. But litigation is only one of the tools available to us. If your legal issues can be resolved outside of the courtroom, without the time and expense of a trial, we will explain your available options for achieving the results you are seeking. But regardless of whether we are litigating your case at trial, or resolving your case outside of the courtroom, when Nichani Law Firm is representing you, we will always provide the most powerful advocacy to meet your objectives.




Nichani Law Firm is a boutique Silicon Valley business and commercial litigation law firm, providing legal representation with a commitment to exceptional service, high-caliber solutions, and a deep focus on Business and Commercial Litigation, and Bankruptcy and Creditor Rights. In every dispute, whether large or small, simple or complex, we will provide representation custom-tailored to meet your objectives. As your representative, we will zealously advocate your position, whether in an Alternative Dispute Resolution process, or at trial. Nichani Law Firm has successfully represented a variety of businesses throughout Silicon Valley and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. We also serve as local counsel in Silicon Valley and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area for out-of-state attorneys and out-of-area companies, whether based in another region of California, another state, or another country—with business interests in Silicon Valley and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

For a consultation, contact Nichani Law Firm.

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