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Business entity disputes commonly arise when there is a disagreement about how a business is being managed. These disagreements can become an issue in any business with more than one owner, whether structured as a corporation, a Limited Liability Company (or “LLC”), or a Partnership. Disputes can also arise between two or more companies working together in a Joint Venture. Disputes can even arise in Sole Proprietorships if the Sole Proprietorship is jointly owned by a married couple.

Typical business entity disputes will generally be partnership disputes between the partners of the business entity, or shareholder disputes between shareholders and the Board of Directors. Litigation of these disagreements will typically involve questions about whether the decisions of the company’s directors are protected by the “business judgment rule,” and whether the company is being managed in accord with the company’s governance documents and the law.

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Nichani Law Firm is a boutique Silicon Valley business and commercial litigation law firm, providing legal representation with a commitment to exceptional service, high-caliber solutions, and a deep focus on Business and Commercial Litigation, and Bankruptcy and Creditor Rights. In every dispute, whether large or small, simple or complex, we will provide representation custom-tailored to meet your objectives. As your representative, we will zealously advocate your position, whether in an Alternative Dispute Resolution process, or at trial. Nichani Law Firm has successfully represented a variety of businesses throughout Silicon Valley and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. We also serve as local counsel in Silicon Valley and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area for out-of-state attorneys and out-of-area companies, whether based in another region of California, another state, or another country—with business interests in Silicon Valley and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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